Patio with Lawn Installation
Routine Landscape Maintenance

We offer routine GardenCare using a maintenance schedule suited to you and the needs of your property.

One of the most popular services that we offer is our continuing GardenCare. We know that providing you with a perfectly planted garden is not the end of the story. Each landscape requires a unique care plan in order to keep it looking beautiful. We will create a GardenCare schedule that is suited to you and your landscape, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or a few times during the season. The Burnett’s Landscaping GardenCare team can provide: weeding, bed edging, deadheading, planting of annuals and containers, specialty pruning for roses and hydrangeas, and more.

For insect and pest control, visit Tree and Shrub Care at SafeLawns of Salem.

Lawn Installation and Path

Burnett’s Landscaping uses the finest quality hardwood mulch products.

Mulch is used to improve moisture retention and to reduce the incidence of weed growth. An added bonus is the tidy, finished appearance it will lend to your landscape. At Burnett’s Landscaping, we use only premium mulch products. For a well-groomed garden, call us today!

For Bed Weed Control, visit SafeLawns of Salem today!